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Well Hand over Program at Vandre Village

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TERRE Policy Centre in collaboration with 100 Pipers Music CDs constructed a well (size 25 feet X 25 feet) at Vandre village in Pune District. Vandre village was facing water scarcity because of the geographical reasons. Vandre is a rain fed region of the Sahayadris and since it is located on the steep slopes of the Sahayadris, the water runoff rate in this region is high and storage of the rainwater is difficult.The well construction was started on 5th June 2016. On 25th January, TERRE Policy Centre handed over the well which will be serving more than 250 villagers and more than 400 pets. The newly constructed well is also reducing the women’s efforts as now they don’t have to roam all over the area searching for the water. Also, it will be helpful for the villagers to increase their pets as previously it was impossible because of the water scarcity issues. It will help to increase their economic level by increasing the productivity through poultries and dairies.

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