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PAN India E- Learning Drive

TERRE Policy Centre launched an E-learning drive for Environmental awareness among the school students. Aim of this E-Learning Drive is to spread Awareness of the current Environmental Issues and their Solutions. Environmental Education and awareness amongst the children is very important tool to make stronger and sustainable future. TERRE is taking steps in Conservation and Protection of Environment for more than a Decade.

The details of this Drive are as follows:

  • All Sessions will be free of charge.
  • These sessions will be conducted on an on-line platform.
  • These sessions are for 5th standard onwards students.
  • Each session will be of 45 mins.

Beneficiaries: This drive will be benefited to all young aspiring kids from 5 th standard onwards. Our chosen topics for E-learning program are as followings:

  1. Biodiversity
  2. Energy
  3. Climate Change
  4. Pollution

Location: It’s a PAN-India program via online Platform or might be offline if required. (Considering COVID Situations)

Till date TERRE Policy Centre had conducted one session for Pune region at Sheth Jotiprasad Vidyayala, Daund.

Story of our 1 st E-Learning session:

  • 1 st session of our E-Learning session Drive was successfully done on 7 th September 2021 from 9 to 10.30 AM
  • School: Sheth Jotiprasad Vidyalaya, Daund.
  • Participants: 50+
  • Topic of session: Biodiversity
  • Platform: Zoom Meeting App

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